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Noreq, AS - Company in Husnes, Norge - Allbiz
    Noreq, AS - Company in Husnes, Norge - Allbiz
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    Noreq, AS - Company in Husnes, Norge - Allbiz
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    Noreq, AS, Husnes

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    Noreq, AS, Husnes
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    Сompany address: Husnes, Norge
    Bogsnes Industriområde - 5480 Husnes
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    Om bedriften Noreq, AS

    Innovative thinking pushing safety further NoreqGroup develops and delivers maritime equipment to customers all over the world. Through innovative thinking and a Innovative product line, Noreq constantly find new ways of improving lifesaving equipment at sea. This means better access for our customers to safer, more user-friendly and cost-efficient products. Since Noreq was established in the year 2006 there has been a incredibly growth in sales and production of Noreq Equipment. Noreq will continue to establish new business, do acquisitions and alliances in order to steadily develop Noreq as a quality supplier. With a Global entrepreneurship with an international presence the group does currently employee 75 employees and has a budgeted turnover of 180 MOK for 2011. Lifesaving equipment from Noreq is made to be trusted.
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